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The Seton Health Plan - We've Got You Covered.

The Seton Healthcare Family, Central Texas' leading provider of complex healthcare services, has been setting the standard for healthcare in the region for over 100 years. With more than 20 locations and over 1900 physicians, we led the way in keeping the area healthy. Now let us do the same for you and each member of your team with a range of affordable, flexible health plans.

Seton Associates

We're keeping our family healthy.

The Seton Healthcare Family truly is a family. It's a serious responsibility taking care of Central Texas' caregivers. That's why we manage the Seton Healthcare Network Employee Health Plan. This plan is available to all eligible Seton employees and their dependents.

For more information, call Member Services associates at (512) 421-5667 or toll-free at 1 (866) 272-2507.

Seton Health Plan CHIP
and STAR

With Seton Health Plan, there's one less reason to worry.

We offer peace of mind to many families in Central Texas by giving healthcare coverage to thousands of families through the CHIP and STAR program. Seton Health Plan covers families who don't have their own health insurance.

As a member of Seton Health Plan, you can count on great care from the Seton Healthcare Family.

El Plan de Seguro Médico Seton CHIP y STAR

Health and Wellness Programs

Wellness programs for Seton associates are effective in improving morale, reducing overall healthcare costs and turnover rates, and can lead to a more active, constructive work environment.

For a comprehensive health information, visit GoodHealth.com, the Seton Healthcare Family's robust compendium of health information, health news, fitness and nutrition information and tips, recipes, health seminars, newsletters and more.